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Zuwarah - Libya

Year of completion


Gross floor area
1900 m²

Design team
Libya design

MEP/ Structural Engineer


Studio Cafer Akdeniz

Detail design

The house is placed on one of the most beautiful beaches, just 100m far from the sea. It represents an extraordinary and luxury summer rest house. The clean and smooth shape of the structure comes from a shape of a beach stone. Building is directed east-west with the longer axe which gives a possibility to open frames towards sea and entrance.
A mass finish is done in white cement. Standardized wooden blinds, posted along longer façades, give to the house more natural look, both transparency and privacy.
House consists of two floors. Ground floor has a spacious living area, two main bedrooms, kitchen and a dining area. Living area and two main bedrooms are connected with wooden swimming pool deck, a key point of entertainment and pleasure. Framed view of the sea and sky are astonishing. The upper frame has a possibility of closing or shading automatically if necessary.
Under floor contains three bedrooms and spacious entertainment area with bowling alley, gym, home cinema and bar. One of the swimming pool walls is planned as a glass in order to make atmosphere in the bowling alley more magical.

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