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Ghadames - Libya
Year of completion
March 2012
Gross floor area
46200 m²
Service/Administrative Design
Libya design
MEP/Structural Engineer
Detailed Design

Ghadames and Algeria border crossings were planned as part of another important infrastructure project in Libya. The importance of this project is in fact reflected in developing a modern high standard complexes plan, one of a kind in the whole country and a sign of upcoming modernization.
Challenge in this project was divided in two spheres, unusual combination of traditional and high-tech techniques and materials, caused by the specific climate conditions in desert like environment.
First task was to develop a building complex to accommodate all necessary facilities and services. Study of the techniques, forms and materials used for centuries in Ghadames area led to creation of dense and high level self-sufficient village made by local materials.
Second task was to develop a specific high-tech roofing system covering the whole village (280 x 160 m), providing the artificial shaded open areas and contributing to better micro climate conditions of the site in general.

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