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Benghazi - Libya

Year of completion




Gross floor area

870 m²


rentable space

Design team

Libya design

MEP/ Structural Engineer

Attour & Alebhar


Hud Hud Contracting and Real Estate Investment


Under Construction


The project for Benghazi residence is based on the task of making private houses for three separate families on 500 m² plot, considering traditional Libyan house elements. In order to have their own privacy, they are divided both vertically and horizontally. All villas are accessible and connected through entrance garden space. Main villa - parent’s area, is planned to be in the ground floor oriented towards inner gardens. They enable good insolation to the main rooms, to reach high quality living standard. Other two villas are planned above the main one, dividing plot on two equal parts. Guest area is facing entrance garden and represents common area of three houses. On the other hand, all villas are revising Libyan traditional house in order to create a new value of living space, by rethinking their relations and proportions.

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